Troubleshooting Guide For Insurance Portal Login Issues

Fixing Connections and Device Problems

  1. Initially, make sure is any Problem with your Internet Connections and see how the website is loading in the browser. It should be loading fine.
  2. Watch out for any “Error messages” displayed on the website while login. If so, we need to get support based on the type of error.
  3. Check whether the Cookies are enabled on the Insurance website you are trying to login to. If not, please enable it by just clicking the button.
  4. When you can’t login to the Portal, then try login from another device (Mobile/PC/Laptop/Tab). If the Portal is able to login, then there is a problem with your device or browser.
  5. Clear all your browser cache and cookies and try to login again. It might Work.
  6. If you can’t login in to all devices, then try to login to the portal with another device having different Network connections or use a mobile network. If you can login, then there is an issue with the Network connections.
  7. Try login to the portal through Private Windows, secret or Incognito mode. If the portal opens, then some browser extensions or plugins might cause the problems to Insurance portal login. Resolve this issue by disabling the browser extensions or reset the browser to basic settings.

Here’s given the method of opening the private windows on different browsers,


  • Chrome, Edge, and Safari: Press Command + Shift + N (Mac) / Control + Shift + N (PC).
  • Firefox: Press Command + Shift + P (Mac) or Control + Shift + P (PC).


  • Chrome: tap the three dots ahead of the address bar and select the New Incognito tab.
  • Safari: Tap the two overlapping squares at the bottom-right corner, and then tap Private at the bottom-left.
  • Samsung Internet: Tap the two overlapping squares at the bottom, and then tap Turn on Secret mode.

8. If you are using antivirus on your device and you can’t login to the portal, please disable the antivirus software and do login to the Insurance portal again. Sometimes it will work because the firewall settings in the antivirus software might block the insurance website from login the portal. Do some settings in the firewall which unblock the Insurance portal website.

Basic Level Checking

  1. Kindly Double check the Username and Password spelling you enter in the respective form fields are correct. There can be a possibility of a typo error.
  2. In the Password field, make use of enabling the “Show my password” option (if available) to confirm the correct password entry (Use it Confidentially).
  3. While entering the Login Credentials, kindly Ensure the CAPS LOCK Key is turned OFF.
  4. Try to avoid using auto-fill options for Login credentials. Just type it or copy-paste. Since It causes some unnecessary Login issues. If you want to use auto-fill options then make sure save the recently updated password.

Browser Level Checking

  1. Check whether the Browser version is Compatible with the Website. Older versions might not support some websites.
  2. Delete Browser cookies and cache files.
  3. Kindly disable any add-ons/extensions you are using which might cause problems to the website. Try loading the website by temporarily disabling the add-ons/extensions like adblocker, VPN, Some Browser addons, and any privacy extensions, etc… that may cause Login Issues.

4. If the site loads normally on other devices but not on yours (Also in private or secret mode), try a different web browser such as Firefox, Chrome, or Opera, and attempt to load the website. If the site works fine in another browser then turn off your ad blocker, popup blocker, and clear your cookies in your default browser. Out-of-date Ad blockers and cookies can sometimes fail to load the websites correctly.

5. Make sure the JavaScript is enabled on your browser. By default, it must be turned ON, but if it is disabled, then you will fail to login the Insurance portals as most of the portals are built by the JavaScript platform.


  • Chrome: Three dots > Settings > Advanced > Site Settings > If JS is disabled, click allowed to enable.
  • Edge: Three dots > Settings > Cookies and Site permissions > All permissions > If JS is disabled, toggle the button to enable.
  • Firefox: Enter “about:config” into the address bar and proceed further. Then type “javascript enabled” into the search box and the value is to be “True”.If it is not so, then Double-click the word “False” to enable.
  • Safari: Safari menu > Preferences > Security Tab > Check the box is ticked with “Enable Javascript”.


  • Chrome in Android: Three Dots > Settings > Site settings > Select Javasctipt to enable.
  • Safari :  iPhone or iPad Settings > Safari > Advanced > Toggle to enable the Javascript.
  • Samsung Internet: Three dots > settings > Advanced > Turn ON Javascript.

Note: For iPhone/iPad chrome users, Javascript is always ON and there is no options to turn it OFF.

If you’ve tried all the above and still having Login issues, feel free to contact us and give us the mail. We will connect and fix the issues ASAP.


Hopefully, something in this guide helped you find and fix the problem when you login to  Insurance Portal.